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A Pirate
A Pirate
Name: Pirate
Total HP: 20
Member of faction: Pirate
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.pirate
Drops: Default CQ mob Drops
Boss Monster: Pirate Captain
Found in: Ship

The Pirate is a hostile mob. It has 20 health points (10 hearts). Pirates have a beard, reddish hair, and make a oooghf hurt sound.They are allies with no other faction but themselves and they immediately attack all other non-pirate factions.  The stats for all  mobs will be changing soon. Check out the article about the exciting New Mob AI and learn how to join a team of mobs so that they will follow you and fight for you.

Meet the Pirate! (The life story of a Pirate named Willium B. Bannapple IV)[]

Will looks over the prow of his boat and sees... A ROCK! Wait! No! Never mind. His ship is parked inside the cave of the Pirate Island. He forgot. Of course there's rock. Will looks around his ship at the Villagers in the hold, the idiots jumping through the rigging. The weirdos who are swimming... This is what home should look like. Not a Castle, Not a Tree, Not a house, But a BOAT! A really big, really awesome, BOAT! FULL OF AWESOME LOOT AWESOME PEOPLE AND AWESOME RIGGING AND AWESOME WEAPONS AND AWESOME DUNGEONS AND- ... ... ... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! The Pirate, now realizing that he was not included in the Minecraft Lego, and has no part in the movie that the song he just started related to, is now quite upset. He decides to shoot the next fellow who comes along, to soften his anger. Don't be that guy.