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Pirate Captain
The Pirate Captain
The Pirate Captain
Name: Pirate Captain
Total HP: 500
Member of faction: mob_pirate
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.pirateBoss
Drops: Trickster Dagger
Boss Monster: of the Pirates
Found in: Ships

The Pirate Captain is the boss mob of the Pirates. The Pirate Captain has 500 (400 in the 1.1 d test update) health, and wields the Trickster Dagger, or the Ninja Dagger. The pirate will chase after you and constantly stab you with the knife. His basic attacks do 3 damage when you're not wearing armor. After a few hits on the Pirate Captain his damage will start to get stronger and he will teleport around, going invisible, summoning weak clones of him self. The Trickster dagger that you retrieve from killing him can be used to go invisible with the right click. If you hold shift while right clicking you will spawn a clone of your character. The Pirate Captain can be found at the Pirate Island and aboard Galleons.

Life of a Pirate Captain, told by a Pirate Captain[]

The Pirate captain atop a plank raft

"Yarr you scurvy dogs all aboard the pirate cove, No gremlins be getting aboard my ship" Warning Pirates are not peaceful, they just want you're stuff so either fight back or get your booty plundered!"

We will plunder you're booty!

Your name Is Pirate Captain. Well, it's more complex than that, black-armpit-hair or something, but you don't care. The Gremlins only WISH they could get onto your ship. You're the BEST of the BEST among pirates. In fact, you can teleport and make shadow doppelgangers AND teleport! And like all pirates, you're nothing like those pesky ninjas. Oh no. THOSE ARE THE MORTAL ENEMIES OF ALL PIRATES!!! It's certainly not like you were RAISED BY NINJAS or anything. No. That NEVER happened. Not like you got the ninja dagger from your father ninja pirate... $!#@!  You're not convincing anyone...


The pirate captain was originally called the Pirate King in 1.2 versions of Chocolate Quest and he wielded a diamond axe and was pretty simple where he would only try going invisible and backstabbing you when he was on low hp.