The Chocolate Quest Wiki

This is simply a list of various items that are no longer in modern versions of the mod (1.7.10), it is not yet complete, and contains no description of the items, if you want that: look on the better dungeons wiki.

Removed mobs[]

  • Dogs (Very similar to the Wolves in Vanilla Minecraft!)
  • Horses (Now in Vanilla Minecraft!)
  • Bird-Things (try herefor something much like them! )
  • Several bosses: Goblin Boss, Orc Shaman, Triton Boss, Dwarf Engineer, Ice Bull (replaced by regular Bull), and Giant Slime (simply a massive slime, replaced by the new, cooler Slime Boss) (Most were removed or replaced in the 1.7.2 recode)
  • Cerberus boss-thing (A large wolf boss that shoots fireballs,found underground) (added in Beta 1.8.1 versions and lasted until 1.2.5 versions)
  • Exterminator Prototype (A.k.a the Mutant Iron Golem,or the Golem Boss. See here for what it was.)
  • Nether Dragon (A boss mob that looked like a long Wyvern or Chinese Dragon, and it attacked similar to Gotterfunken. Likely removed due to it possibly being one of the buggist mobs in Minecraft history, among fake ghast tears, missing hitboxes, and visual glitches that could sometimes cause serious issues.)
  • Monkeys! They looked like smaller, more humanoid Monkings, perpetually in crouch position.
  • Endermen! They were Endermen holding stone swords. I don't recall them being able to have armor, but either way, they were pretty funny-looking.
  • Goblins! The little tiny Green Man Band, quite small. (about a block tall, but again, always in crouch stance. (Were planned to be friendly NPCs in 1.7 versions that could speak)
  • Dwarves! They were slightly larger than the Goblins, not crouching, and their texture was basically just a Pirate with a longer beard and no shirt. (They live in volcanos, they gotta beat the heat somehow!)
  • Ogres? I don't remember these, but they were big and brown and burly.
  • Golems! Little baby Iron Golems! They're so cute-*gets sliced into pieces* I probably should've seen that coming when it was staring at me with those beady red eyes. (From 1.2 versions of the mod)
  • Tritons! Debatable on whether they were truly removed, because you can still find one in the Inquisition Village, but that's the only one, and they don't have a mob version or a Triton Boss anymore, so they go on this list. Basically squid people. Go here for a picture.
  • Classes for mobs. In 1.6.4 (and probably earlier, 1.6.4 was the only older version I played), the mobs' behavior was determined by their hand item. Some included the now-removed Grenades (Grenadier) a spear, iron or diamond (spearman), a dagger, again, iron or diamond (ninja), shield in the offhand, based on the type of mob holding the shield (defender), gunner (revolver in the offhand, exclusive to pirates), and the archer (bow)

Removed items[]

  • Soul Sword (From 1.2 versions of the mod)
  • Soul Dagger (From 1.2 versions of the mod)
  • Soul BigSword (From 1.2 versions of the mod) 
  • Spiked Gloves (Replaced with the Spider Armor!)
  • Capsules (Removed Because reason below.)
  • Capsule stations (Removed Because of a Server Duping Issue.)
  • Bubble Gun (Replaced with the Bubble Cannon!)
  • Bubble Cannon (Replaced with the Water Pump and the Magic Prison Spell.)
  • Magic Scrolls (Replaced with the Staves and the Spells!)
  • Monking Sword (Replaced with Monking Weapons)
  • Golden Feather (The Cloud Boots could already do everything it could and more.)
  • The Earth Crusher. (Dropped by the Minotaur Boss in 1.6.4. Reason for removal unknown, it was a pretty cool weapon. Texture still in the files.)
  • Grenades, sticky grenades, hand bombs and some other kinda explosive device that you throw. (Hand bombs destroy blocks, the other three didn't, if I remember correctly.)
  • Essence grenades. (The precursor to the explosive grenades, they looked like splash potions that had a unique effect on mobs.
  • Scroll of Escape. This was a piece of paper whose title was incredibly misleading. You couldn't use it to escape a dungeon, and it was just used for some crafting recipe, I don't remember which one, though, probably some type of teleportation item. Removed now because they wanted to get rid of all the crafting recipes.
  • More stuff too! I Just don't remember what!