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Scouter Updated

The Scouter is worn in place of a helmet. When worn it gives you night vision as well as displaying the name, health, and other informations about the mob you are currently looking at.

The Scouter is sold in the Dwarven Village, and can also be obtained pretty rarely when killing dwarf NPCs anywhere else, as well as there.

It is also rarely found in dungeon chests.

Displayed info[]

(From left to right, and top to bottom.)

  • Health
  • Total physical attack damage (base damage)
  • Armor damage reduction
  • Protection Enchantment damage reducion
  • Projectile Protection damage reduction
  • Physical damage reduction
  • Fire damage reduction
  • Blast damage reduction
  • Magic damage reduction

Physical, fire, blast and magic don't include armor or Protection/Projectile Protection enchantment damage reduction.


  • Name
  • Health bar

(ones followed by '?' are uncertain, and the one saying (???) implies uncertainty of any clue of what it means...)

Scouter View

The scouter shows information about the mob that you are looking at.