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A Skeleton
A Skeleton
Name: Skeleton
Total HP: 20
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.skeleton
Drops: Default
Boss Monster: Necromancer
2014-07-18 19.46

This group of skeletons signed up for a social experiment where they are locked up together for an undetermined amount of time in a glass cage.

The Skeleton is a hostile mob that is found in Chocolate Quest castles within 1000 meters of the World Spawn. Skeletons may appear equipped with any type of Vanilla Minecraft weapons or armor. They may also carry one of the weapons from the Better Dungeons mod like spears or a healing staff. Skeletons use different tactics in battle depending on what type of weapon they are holding. Better Dungeons Skeletons look exactly like Vanilla Minecraft Skeletons except that they carry different weapons and have some different behaviors, for example they do not take damage and burn when exposed to direct sunlight. Armored skeletons have 20 Hit Points.

Skeletons belong to the mob_undead Faction which also includes Specters, Zombies and Zombie Pigmen. Skeletons will attack mobs that belong to a different faction but will not attack members of their own faction. It is possible, by use of commands, to join the Zombie Faction so that the Skeletons and their allies will follow you and fight for you. The Boss mob of the Skeletons is the Necromancer.

Meet the Skeleton! (life story of a Skeleton named 'Skeleton')[]

Skeleton remembers vaguely a life of mining and fighting, but not very well. He died afterward. Being dead was such a drag. Skeleton hated being dead. That was when the Necromancer found him. He was nothing but bones then. The Necromancer revived Skeleton, and then Skeleton could run around and slaughter enemies again! Skeleton now serves the Necromancer. Not because he has to or anything, that's mind control, not revival. Skeleton is just grateful that the Necromancer has allowed him to live once again! Why does Skeleton try to kill you then? Skeleton smiles. Or wants to, but his face doesn't change expressions anymore. He's always been like that, even before he died. Skeleton isn't alone either. The Necromancer does a lot of work bringing back people like him. Skeleton doesn't know why, he thinks that the Necromancer wants an invincible army of undead former assassins to take over the world, but how would he know? He's just in it to kill things. *he wants everyone to be a skeleton*