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Slime Boss
The Slime Boss
The Slime Boss
Name: Slime Boss or (in new versions) Giant Frog
Total HP: 450
Member of faction: None
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.slimeBoss
Drops: Slime Balls
Boss Monster: of the slimes

The Slime Boss is a boss mob and it has has 450 health. It has natural regeneration. It has the ability to spawn slimes. The slimes will do no damage to the player. Instead, these slimes will try as hard as it can to get to the slime boss, even when attacked. If these slimes get to the boss, they disappear and heal the boss the amount of health the slimes originally had. The slime boss then does an eating animation. It can spawn more of these slimes by doing a strange "farting" animation. The green bubbles that come out give all mobs who touches the boss slowness II for 4 seconds. The boss can also kick, causing knock back, doing 6 health to the average unarmored player. The boss seems to resemble a frog. The Giant Slime seems to be hostile to all mobs including Slimes. He drops special types of Slime Balls that can be used to craft Slime Armor with the help of an NPC blacksmith.

Recommended party size for a super-slime hunting expedition: 3-8 players.

The story of a boss, told by a boss.[]

The slime boss is an enigma, even among bosses. not because it's shady, mysterious, or even that powerful, but simply because it's not so much of a boss. All the other bosses are the fearless leader of a race of monsters or something like that. The slime boss? Not so much. It doesn't even have a name. It's little more than a conglomeration of slimes, moving together. When asked how much of this was accurate, all the sewer-dwelling mess-monster had to say was 'Glorp!.


The Slime Boss was introduced to this mod as a secret boss all the way back when the mod was on 1.0.0 in late 2011. It was originally just a large normal slime that split into many many smaller slimes and each slime could drop a couple diamonds and slime balls, no special abilities or really anything, although it did live in a cool glowstone cave. The boss would eventually get removed when the mod was being ported to 1.4.7 and not see a reappearance until 2014 when Chocolatin decided to implement it back into the mod in a completely different form when he was making the 1.7.10 version of the mod. The version of Chocolate Quest seen in this video is also nowhere to be found and can't be recovered.

2014-11-16 11.36
2014-11-16 11.36