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High in the frozen Tundra lie towering fortresses, each taller than the last. In these Strongholds lie menacing figures, only known as the Abyss Walkers, Dark beings with no records of where they came or who they serve. Take caution, for you shall face a threat that can pose a danger to even the most equipped of adventurers! Traps and secrets litter the Castles as well, so a Keen eye is needed to spot them. And take caution, for at the top of these Castles are the high kings of the Walkers, kill one, and his blade is yours. Are you prepared, Adventurer?

Chocolate Quest Abyss Walker King

Things about the Castles[]

Snow Castles are home of the infamous Abyss Walkers and The Abyss Walker King. Snow Castles are found in Snowy Biomes. They are one of the most difficult areas currently in the mod. Navigating them can be easy if you know your way around. But even then, they are no easy task to conquer!

Types of Castles[]


Abyss Walker King - Looks like a cathedral



Abyss Walker King, Pyromancer Miniboss, and Turtle Boss - otherwise known as CastleWE



Abyss Walker King, Shelob(hidden) and a Dragon(hidden) - also known as the Castle of Secrets

Mountain Castle


Abyss Walker King - A large castle with a village and central keep



Abyss Walker King - A large mountain tower with a village and beacon at the top. Yes, there are also hostile wolves.