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Specter Boss
The Specter Lord
The Specter Lord
Name: Specter Lord
Total HP: 200
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.specterBoss
Drops: Diamonds, Emeralds and Gold Nuggets
Boss Monster: of the Specters
Found in: Castles, farther from spawn

The Specter Lord is the boss of the Specters.


The Specter Lord looks very similar to a specter but with green eyes, completely black hair and shirt, and light blue pants. His shirt has a symbol of a chocolate bar on it. The Specter Lord wields the Moonlight Sword.


The specter boss is difficult to fight. You can only hit the Specter Lord while it is attacking. Every time he hits you, for a moment it will lose its transparency. During that time you can hit him. The Specter Lord is vulnerable to explosions at all times.


  • If you are in creative, and the Specter Boss is in water, if you look through the Specter, you can't see any liquid, just the ground.
  • Apparently, on its shirt, it has a chocolate bar/brown paper on it.
  • It no longer wields the Morning Shine, it bears the Moonlight Sword now.