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Spider Boss: Shelob
The Spider Boss
The Spider Boss
Name: Shelob
Total HP: 650 or 1150, Each size increases its health by 250, starting at 400
Member of faction: None
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.spiderBoss
Drops: Spider Leather
Boss Monster: Of spiders and cave spiders

The Spider Boss, also known as Shelob, is a boss mob. It is hostile to the player, and all Vanilla Minecraft mobs. Having 650 health points (325 hearts), it is definitely not your average spider.


Shelob spawns in the arena at the end of the level one section, as well as sometimes attempting to attack NPC villages.


Shelob looks like a cave spider. However, its model is bigger and some of its legs are bigger than the others.


Shelob attacks by doing a foot-kicking animation, knocking the player back several blocks. If the player is too far away to attack with melee, it will use its ranged attack: throwing a greenish ball resembling poison that is unaffected by gravity at the player, causing Poison II for 10 seconds. It may also shoot a cobweb at the player, which functions like the spider hook, allowing it to pull the player towards itself. If fought in an area with a ceiling, Shelob will attach itself to the ceiling and attempt to snipe the player from above, making it difficult to fight without a proper ranged weapon. It hits between 9 and 20 damage with its front two legs. If Shelob is killed by means besides the player, such as drowning, it would not be counted as having hunted it, but the leather may still be used to purchase the armor.


  • In the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Sam and Frodo encounter a giant spider named Shelob, which is a direct reference.
Chocolate Quest Spider Boss pic2

Spider Boss hanging out on the ceiling.