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Summoned Undead
The Summoned Undead
The Summoned Undead
Name: Summoned Undead
Total HP: 25
Member of faction: Whatever summons it (with a Cursed Bone
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.SummonedUndead
Drops: None
Boss Monster: None

The Summoned Undead are skeletons that appear when the Cursed Bone item is used. The Necromancer uses and drops the Cursed Bone. The bone has 8 uses so you can summon an army of 8 summoned undead with one single bone. The summoned undead have 25 health points (12 1/2 hearts). They act like a tamed wolf, however they will despawn in one minute. Every time one of your Summoned Undead hits a mob, that damage will be floating toward you in a shape of a heart. Then that heart will heal you half the amount that the Summoned Undead damaged that mob.

The necromancer also creates summoned undead, these are hostile to you, and heal the necromancer, but otherwise the same as the ones you can create. Summoned undead will never use weapons or armor. Ever. Well, what do you expect from skeleton? They probably feel bad about about turning against their family. I don't blame them.

They also can't sprint, but they will try to follow you. They will give up when they're about 50 blocks away or so.