The Chocolate Quest Wiki
2014-07-18 18.48

The Super Tool! (and some Slimes and Donkeys...)

The Super Tool instantly breaks any block except for bedrock. When you right-click it breaks a 3x3 area. When used as a weapon it inflicts 10,000 damage. The Super Tool is only available in Creative Mode. It can not be found or crafted in Survival Mode. The Super Tool resembles a red pickaxe is loosely based on the 'magic pickaxe' from earlier versions of the mod, which was loosely based on the 'mining scroll' from even earlier versions.

You can change the super tool mode by sneak+right clicking while you are not pointing at any blocks. Point towards the sky or off into the distance.

There are 3 different modes:

Mine: mines blocks in a 3x3 area.

Build: places blocks in a 3x3 area. Click on the side of a block to build vertically and click on the top of a block to build horizontally.

Fill: similar to build but only replaces existent blocks with the block assigned to the tool.

To assign a block to the super tool, right click on the desired block while sneaking.