The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Chocolate Quest mobs are grouped together into opposing teams. Mobs will not attack members of their own team but they will immediately attack mobs that belong to a different team. It is possible by use of commands to count yourself as a member of a team. Once you join a team, all of the members of your team will follow you around and fight for you. You can equip your teammates with any weapons or armor that you like. For more information on using the Scoreboard system check out this article.

We do not have a complete list of all of the teams. Please update this list if you are able to.

Some of the current teams are:
mob_undead: includes skeletons, zombies, specters, pig zombies and their respective bosses: The Lich, Necromancer, Specter Lord and Pig Mage.

mob_pirate: includes pirates and pirate captain.

mob_walker: includes abyss walkers and their kings.

mob_gremlin: includes Gremlins.

Inquisition: includes Inquisition NPCs

mob_minotaur: Include minotaurs and their bosses (Aldayar Created That)

NPC Teams[]

These include the faction names of some NPCs that you may find in a NPC Villages.

mob_inquisition:Includes all Inquisition NPCs.

Witches:Includes the NPC Witches and the squid mage boss.

Orcs:Includes orc trader/defender & goblin NPCs.

npc:Default team of a newly spawned npc.

Joining a team[]

Creating and joining a team is done by entering commands into the in-game chat window. When you join a team you are only on that team for the current session you are playing, it will be reset when you log out and back in.

1. You must first create a team. Enter the command below and replace the part that says "team_name" with a name from the list above(example "mob_undead")

/scoreboard teams add team_name

2. Next you will join the team. Enter the command below and replace player_name with your Minecraft username. Replace team_name with the name that you chose from step one.

/scoreboard teams join team_name player_name

Leaving a team

/scoreboard teams leave player_name