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The Prospector
The Prospector in his room.
The Prospector in his room.
Name: The Prospector
Total HP: 60
Member of faction: Undead
Entity ID: Same as a normal skeleton.
Drops: Prospector's Pickaxe
Boss Monster: Miniboss of skeletons
Found in: Ravine Castle

The Prospector is a Chocolate Quest miniboss who appears as a large skeleton bearing diamond armor, a diamond shovel, and a diamond pickaxe that deals slightly more damage than a normal one. He is found in the ravine castle, in a room showing off what might be his various plunders.

He will sometimes drop his pickaxe, which is essentially a higher damage diamond pick called the 'prospector's pickaxe.' He also drops his shovel, which deals one additional damage beyond that of a default diamond shovel.