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Triton Boss[]


Triton boss on a end portal.

Triton boss also called Triton Wizard is not the boss of Triton because Tritons in 1.12.2 are nice and give you a quest to kill the triton Wizard. It used to just spin around in 1.6.4, but now it can do magic! It was removed in 1.7.2 but in 1.12.2 it was re added. Triton Boss now has a Necromancer hat on. It spawns in the Triton House Also called underwater cities. It also has the old Pig Mage weapon which is the Fire Staff. Like most magic mobs, it has a cursed bone. It used to have 2 armor points with turtle boss armor but now it has 0 armor points because it has no armor. Triton boss use to have Morning Shine. It looks the same just with magic and no Turtle Armor.


use powerful armor like King Armor and good weapons like Walker Sword or Morning Shine. You can also use other good weapons. Also try to dodge it’s attacks. Tritons can be around it so try killing the tritons too.


Triton Wizard down the hall