Turtle Armor 1

Turtle Armor is a set of armor that is crafted by NPC blacksmiths if you give them the Turtle Scales that the Turtle Boss drops.

Each piece of the turtle set increases natural regeneration speed(this regeneration does not require stamina).

If the full set is worn and the wearer is about to die, the set will enter in emergency regeneration mode, drastically increasing regeneration. Once the wearer is full health the emergency regeneration will be in cool-down for an entire day.

Turtle Helmet Edit

Protection: 3 (1 1/2 armor bars) Durability: 495

Turtle Plate Edit

Protection: 8 (4 armor bars)

Durability: 720

Protection: 8 (4 full armor bars

Turtle Pants Edit

Protection: 6 (3 armor bars) Durability: 675

Turtle Boots Edit

Protection: 3 (3 armor bars) Durability: 585

Turtle Sword Edit


Damage: 7

Durability: 2048

Scale Edit