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Turtle Boss
The Turtle Boss
The Turtle Boss
Name: Turtle Boss
Total HP: 400
Member of faction: NPC
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.turtle
Drops: Turtle Scales
Boss Monster: None

The Turtle Boss is a boss mob. With 300 health points, just 200 points lower than the original, it is still difficult to defeat. It spins rapidly then flings itself about 30 blocks away. Every time it spins, it does some damage. It can also rapidly shoot bubbles at you which if they hit you trap you, send you up into the air and pop dealing fall damage to you. When killed the Turtle Boss drops Turtle Scales. The scales can be given to an NPC blacksmith to craft the Turtle Armor. The turtle may also drop the Turtle Sword. But if you hit him in the shell he will take damage and he will make a sound of a Blaze. When he reaches around 50 hp he will rapidly regenerate his health (about 2 hp every half a second) until he reaches 200 hp in health. He will continue this over and over again until you kill him. He will do the same for mobs.