The Chocolate Quest Wiki

(for user-made downloadable dungeons visit this page! )

Special thanks[]

kanokarob For the nicest textures on the mod.

reinhart For translating and formatting the exporter info

Awesomebob74 for the given feedback 

Xiraxis: For his Bizantine templates  these.

crafteverywhere:Simplified Chinese translation

Vexatos: German translation

ZaratUshtrA_2_0Russian translation

Liquid Metal Slime English translation

Kris Eike Old English Wiki, testing, support. (old wiki)

Workerdrone Testing, Support.

ArloTheEpic   Testing, Support, New English Wiki.

HingedPrism: Support, Help setting up the new wiki.

Mojang Team  Obviously.

Chocolatin Even More Obviosly.

And to all who give feedback, thanks to whom we can play with balanced mobs, and bugfree!

User influenced content[]

Table - Gained it's connecting feature based on images taken by HingedPrism

Bubble Cannon - Kept in mod primarily due to ArloTheEpic's insistence.

Bizantine templates - Xiraxis made these!

User Commemerations[]

Some dungeons may contain names or skulls of some of the people mentioned above, try & find them! XD

2014-08-16 14.06

The heads of a good portion of these people mounted on a wall. Right to left: Reinhart, HingedPrism, ArloTheEpic, Chocolatin, Worker_Drone, Kanokarob, Awesomebob74, ???, KrisEike, ???, ???, ???.