The Chocolate Quest Wiki

This is a dungeon I made,it is The HARDEST DUNGEON EVER!!!

Mods required to work:

  • Chocolate Quest Repoured(obviously)
  • Ice and Fire
  • The Twilight Forest
  • Mowzie's Mobs
  • Mutant Creatures
  • Fossils and Archaeology
  • Hard Herobrine Boss


The HARDEST DUNGEON EVER looks like a huge tower with End Crystals surronding it.There are many floors and dangerous parkour challenges all over the dungeon as well as dangerous mobs.


The Factions here wield armor and weapons from other mods.

List of Bosses

  • Mutant Enderman
  • Fire Dragon
  • Ferrous Wroughnaut
  • Anu
  • Hydra
  • Herobrine(Final Boss)


MinecraftHeroPro1234(also known as DragonLordPlayz)