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Armored Zombie
A Armored Zombie with chain armor and a Shields
A Armored Zombie with chain armor and a Shields
Name: Armored Zombie
Total HP: 25
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.zombie
Drops: Default
Boss Monster: Lich

The Zombie is a hostile mob. The stats for all mobs will be changing soon. Check out the article about the exciting New Mob AI and learn how to join a team of mobs so that they will follow you and fight for you.

Meet the Zombie! (the life story of a zombie named 'Zombie')[]

Zombie, like Skeleton, were raised from the dead by a Necromancer, but these Zombie are a little more difficult to take on. Not just any Necromancer can take charm of a Zombie even after being reborn. Zombies refuse to work for a Necromancer who isn't a Zombie, them selves. Zombies follow Lichs, and no one else. Although the Skeletons feel lesser to Zombies because there meaty outer layer, Zombies despise Skeletons. Zombies think of Skeletons as hallow fools. They think they are acting upon free will, but they really have no better options then what they do. They are stuck in a trance of undeath they're only brought back to be slaves to their Necromancer elders. Zombies on the other hand, still have slight grasp on reality. Rotten as it may be. Zombies think of themselves as very intelligent meat bags, but is still trying to grasp on to their past lives, in his "never-ending Savage rampage"